Arulmighu Shree Muthumariamman Thirukovil, Coventry

சைவ சமய நற்பணி மன்றம் ( HINDU COMMUNITY SOCIETY )


Dear Devotees,

As we all know, more number of devotees are being benefited through our Muthumariamman temple and it is growing in a fast pace. At the same time, the temple is willing to share the golden opportunity for the devotees to serve our Amman through various ways. The seva provides a unique opportunity to serve fellow devotees and participate devoutly in service aimed at the essence of fellowship. According to the scriptures, Divine grace can be obtained not only by worshiping the Amman in the sanctum but also by serving her devotees. Thus, at our Muthumariamman Temple, the added benefit of receiving Amman’s blessings and grace is through selfless service to the Divine.

We are extremely pleased to inform you that Arulmihu Shree MuthumariammanThirukovil is located in a permanent place with parking space for about 100 cars.

We are requesting everyone to contribute to complete the construction and installation of Shree Muthumariamman and other ParivaraMoorthisprathista and Kumbhabhishekam (consecration) of the new structure soon after the construction is complete.

The total cost of building construction is estimated at £1,35,00,000. The whole building is divided into 4,500 units. Thus, each unit would cost £300. We appeal to all devotees to donate towards the cost as much as each can afford; at least 1 unit each.

We appeal to you that participating in the noble cause is a Golden opportunity which comes once in a life time. DurgaMatha Temple Construction work is the rarest of rarities. Therefore we seek your generous participation with offering of donation for this noble cause and make our endeavor a successful one.

Your contributions are towards your children and grandchildren.With all your supportandco-operation, the temple will be built as per the guidelines of Vedic and Agama sastras in a traditional colourful manner. Kumbabishekam , rites and rituals will take place according to the agama for the purification of the spot of Moolasthanam and all the deities. We would like to state that the next kumbabishekam will take place only after 12 years. Therefore, we are requesting everyone to contribute to complete the construction and perform the first Kumbabishekam by this year.

We urge everyone not only to donate as much as you can, but also to request other devotees to lend a hand in getting this long awaited temple construction successfully completed.

We would like to invite you, your family and friends for this holy occasion, and get the blessings of ShreeMuthumariamman Kindly pass the message to your family and friends as well. Prior to the Kumbabishekam, there will be 48 days of “VijeyandraPooja” and following the Kumbabishekam there will be 48 days of “Mandalabishekam”.

Please contact the temple administration members at 02477988508, if you like to be a sponsor. We also welcome volunteers for this occasion. Help needed for this major project.

As much as volunteers are needed, the temple is growing.your donations, small or large, are very much appreciated and put to good use.A So come to Coventry MuthumariammanTemple and reacquaint yourself and family with all things The environment will make youfeel like home.

Please indicate clearly the name in whose favour you need the receipt to be made.

Thank you very much.
May Her Grace be with you and your family.
Yours faithfully,
Arulmihu Shree Muthumariamman Temple Priest, Founder and Devotees

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